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Here we are already into November. We started on the 18th of September and have been plugging along know for over a month and a half. The weather has been absolutely ideal for some of this early variety fruit. There was some fairly heavy rain towards the end of September that made some shippers have problems in their Fallglo tangerines. We decided to run with our Robinson tangerines and have had fairly good movement, due to the very good quality and shelf life this piece of fruit has had this season. Some of the varieties we are going to be running this month are:

Hamlin Oranges - Started these on the week of Oct. 23rd.

Sunburst Tangerines - We are going to begin these on Nov. 6th.

Orlando Tangelos - These are also going to start on Nov. 6th.

Navel Oranges - We have been running these for several weeks. They have good quality and color.

Red Grapefruit - We have not started these as of this posting but should begin within a week or two.