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Selection, grading, packing, and USDA inspection of our citrus guarantees consistent quality and superior taste in the products you receive.
Maintaining excellence from the tree to you.

Our control process begins at the time we choose the trees for our groves. We plant trees with rootstocks most adaptable to our soil which allows the fruit to develop the maximum quality in size, shape, and taste. We monitor every phase of production, from planting to picking to packing.

Before any fruit is picked it is tested regularly for quality. We look at it, feel it, and cut it open-just like you would if you could be there. Only the highest quality of fruit is harvested.

What's our secret for consistent quality and longer shelf life? We inventory our fruit on the tree and maintain our crop there until we receive your order. Since our entire grove is within six miles of our packing house, we can pick, pack, and ship your order virtually the same day.

Grading and sorting are performed quickly and efficiently by technologically advanced equipment. We're able to pack thousands of cartons daily. Even with this technology, though, we're flexible enough to meet your needs for various packaging and sizing requirements. We handle your order individually, and we pack it according to your specifications.

To preserve your fruit while awaiting transit, we palletize the packed cartons and cool them before we ship your order. Pre-Cooling brings the packed cartons to the correct temperature for transporting and insures that you receive the freshest fruit possible.

To complete the quality-control process, USDA inspectors continuously monitor the fruit on hand until your order leaves our packing house


Combining experience and care ensures quality with every order processed.

We can test, pick, pack and ship virtually the same day of your order to ensure freshness!

Whether you're placing your order or checking on the status of a shipment, you'll like working with our in-house sales department. They know the groves and the quality of our fruit from years of experience. Because the groves are nearby, they have daily access to the fruit. They can taste-test it and give you a firsthand account of its texture, juiciness, flavor and appearance.

But, most importantly, our sales team has the ability to react to your changing requirements to meet your specifications. They're focused on providing you with responsive service-so you get the fresh, exceptional fruit you want, when you want it.

Lake Placid Groves provides the finest grove-to-market services available. From our grove production staff to our packing house and sales personnel, we're proud of our employees. It is truly their dedication and their focus on quality that assures you of consistent product and service. Your needs matter to us, and we're committed to filling your order with the freshest Florida citrus grown. That's our reputation, and that's our commitment to you.